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Victor & Gabriel Romano



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Bosques, Mexico City


Israeli traditional Jerusalem style

In 2020, Victor and Gabriel Romano , the leading kosher restauranteurs in Mexico decided to revamp a restaurant space  in the upscale neighborhood of Bosques de las Lomas  providing the area with a unique taste of Israeli cuisine and culture defined as the, kitchen of Jerusalem. The concept objective was to capture the essence of the eclectic foods of the many cultures of the Jewish kitchen that symbiotically make up the cuisine of Jerusalem and Israel at large. The ambition was to recreate a space, an atmosphere and menu that culminates the nurturing, homestyle, sephardic and askenazic traditions of food to a pinnacle. To satisfy hungry customers and families looking to retreat in a culinary trip to Jerusalem without having to go to the airport. Upon entry guests are greeted by the aromas and excitement of the food like being in Machne Yehuda shuk, the open air market of  Jerusalem. A large tabun, fire brick oven sits art the entrance turning out fresh pita and meat filled Syrian pies.  A traditional rotisserie of  spiced veal shawarma, and a wood burning grill for skewers, shipudim, of meat kebabs., fish and vegetables, are hot and firing orders. For this project we assembled a team of interior designers, graphic designers and  young cutting edge chefs from the  non kosher affluent culinary Mexican restaurant world along with myself to build, train and put into effect the vision the Romanos had dreamed to own and operate.  

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