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Poached Egg Sandwich
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Building Culinary Concepts for the Kosher World

Restaurants are fun – fun to visit, fun to work in, fun to teach in, fun to talk about, and fun to create. But they can also be dangerous investments, terrible work environments, and breeding grounds for poor work habits and behaviors. Chef Todd Aarons started CK, Coincidentally Kosher,  to share what  he has learned about creating concepts that work … and fixing concepts that are not practicing sound fundamentals in the niche market of  the Kosher culinary world. He is careful about who he works with and only brings aboard individuals that share or complement his passions. To him, CK is a personal battle to resurrect respect for those who choose to work in the hospitality industry as well as to disprove the sentiment that kosher restaurants are  inferior in quality and service compared to their fellow competitors.  


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